Here at Vision Seeker Studio, we pride in perpetuating professional service and positive energy. Our tattoo studio celebrates art by designing custom tattoo pieces, handmade by our very own artists. 


Adorned with exotic plants and cultural artifacts, our studio is dedicated to the organic processes of art, in which we aim to delicately craft our clients' pieces with ultimate care. We are located by the beaches and specialize in a wide variety of styles, such as: minimalistic designs, line work, intricate tribal illustrations, abstract patterning, geometric art, animalistic designs, neo-traditionalism, blackwork and more. ​

Tattoos are a primitive art form originated from ancient roots. It is the true expression of individuality and creativity. The art of tattoos allows an artist to take what is spiritually within and aesthetically re-designs it to create a visual interpretation that reflects on the outside of each individual. Therefore, each piece created at Vision Seeker Studio is designed and done with precise skill and ultimate care—whether on paper, canvas or skin. Here, we can help bring your thoughts, mind and vision to life.

— Vision Seeker Studio

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